Top tips for switching to a natural deodorant

If you've been on the fence about switching to a natural deodorant, but have heard comments from people saying "it doesn't work", or "I broke out into a rash", or "it left stains on my clothes", these top 5 tips will help you avoid any of those issues:

  1. Use approximately a pea size amount. The amount of deodorant and how often it is applied will vary from person to person (I apply about a pea sized amount once a day), however not using too much will prevent stains from appearing on clothing. When applied correctly, our deodorant should absorb into the skin. 
  2. Use clean hands when applying. Since our deodorant contains no preservatives, be sure to use clean and DRY fingers each time you remove and apply the deodorant. 
  3. Drink plenty of water. Just like any other detox period, toxins will be shed via sweat. The underarm area has 20+ lymph nodes (small bean shaped glands that monitor and cleans the lymphatic system). 
  4. Use a formula without baking soda. That's right. I love baking soda and its many uses, but in a deodorant is not one of them. For some people, baking soda works and causes no issue. It caused a horrible rash for myself, which is why our formula is baking soda free. 
  5. Give it time. You may experience a detox period of up to 30 days (especially if switching from an antiperspirant). Using an underarm detox mask can help with it. 

Hopefully all of these tips will help make the switch so much easier. Given the ingredients in conventional deodorants, it is definitely worth the trouble! 

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